• Retrieve the order
    • Work order and relevant paperwork is delivered to the first work station in production via warehousing or production management.
    • Look up the order delivered to production. Either scan or manually type in the order number in the search box at the top left of the screen, or head to PRODUCTION » Orders » List and look up the order there.
  • Update the work location and track time
    • Click start work, set the work location, and start tracking time.
    • Click stop work when work is completed; move the order to the next stage in production.
    • Note: Cetec ERP will let you track specific movement of pieces across production. This can faciliate one-piece flow methodology and provides visibility to batching different quantities of product through production.
  • Send to inspection and/or shipping
    • Final stage of production will likely be inspection, packing, and/or shipping. Update the router accordingly to indicate job status.
  • Locate orders in production, get overall shop floor visibility
    • Run WIP reports to get visibility to job status, projected dates, work reporting, etc.


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