• Set Up GL Mapping

    • Navigate to ADMIN » Config Settings » G/L Transaction Settings

    • The system will list out every major transaction set possible within Cetec ERP. Every “operational” transaction in Cetec ERP has a set of default mappings to determine which account (in your chart of accounts) is debited and which is credited; the debit and credit entries are created in the general ledger in real time as operational transactions are processed.

    • To the right of each transaction set in the list, you will see either an ‘OK!’ or a ‘Fail!’. If you have modified any of the Cetec ERP default accounts to match your own chart of accounts, you have likely severed the default transaction mapping and will need to address that here.

    • Click into the transaction area to see each individual debit or credit transaction and the according suggested mapping, with a dropdown menu listing every account in your chart of accounts you can set to override the default.

  • Check GL Transaction

    • To make sure that the updated GL mapping works, navigate to ADMIN » Config Settings » GL Transaction Settings.

    • This report displays basic transaction types in Cetec ERP. If the status indicates OK, then you are able to successfully transact with the current GL mapping. If it says Failed! something has gone amiss.

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