• Manage Workflow Stages
    • Navigate to ADMIN » Maintenance » Data Maintenance » WorkflowStage.
    • Check Add Record, click Submit.
    • Give it a name, description, and you want to put in “Quote” under the Object Type column. Giving it a order number determines its order of display.
  • Setup Workflow Stage Users (i.e. users that may be assigned at a particular workflow stage)
    • Navigate to ADMIN » Maintenance » Workflow Maintenance (or click on “Edit Workflow States” at the bottom of any workflow module).
    • Under the workflow stage you have just added or customized, select Users and/or roles that can access it or be assigned to within the workflow state. Press Ctrl on a PC and Command on a Mac to select multiple users/roles within a single stage.
  • To navigate Workflow States and collaborate as a team within your ERP, watch the following demo:

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