Cetec ERP is a framework that adapts to your business processes. The ability to easily and affordably customize your ERP system enables you to quickly change process to achieve new quality measures in markets with strict and diverse manufacturing regulations.


“Configuration” is ERP customization that you can perform as an Admin user without having to involve your software provider for technical customization. It is an easy way for you to customize your own platform. Here are a few examples of how to configure Cetec ERP to model your specific set of industry requirements and company processes:

  • Workflow

    Companies may set up custom work-flows for commonly utilized objects (i.e. quotes, orders, vendor RFQs, quality reports, etc.) in the system. Cetec ERP allows you to route these objects to appropriate departments and personnel for review and approval. This ability to demonstrate intelligent, system-dictated processes throughout your business operations is a major enabler for satisfying ISO requirements and winning high-margin business in medical and military markets.

  • Process Control

    Cetec ERP offers a high level of manufacturing process control to help facilitate quality and satisfy certification requirements (ISO, ITAL, etc.) The system delivers customized, paperless assembly instructions and in-process inspection instructions, with fields for data capture and user sign-off, in addition to process controls to enforce step-by-step data collection before parts are allowed to leave their respective production stations, let alone ship to a customer.

  • Forms & Documents

    Cetec ERP is flexible with respect to your company’s look and feel, branding efforts, terms and conditions, etc. All customer-facing and internal forms and documents are completely configurable, minimizing your need to pay for internal custom development. Set up your own customer documents and quotes with your own logos, terms and conditions, etc., show/hide fields on customer interfacing and vendor interfacing forms and documents.

  • Report Writer

    The Cetec ERP custom reporting module Report Writer allows you to drill into high-level company data, and slice, dice, re-organize, or consolidate it into custom reports to drive intelligent management decisions and a vision for growth. Furthermore, you may save and schedule these custom reports to run at regular intervals (e.g. end of day, end of month, etc.) to be exported to Excel or visualized in tabular reports, graphs, charts, or dashboards.


Our goal as your software provider is to give your company the systems flexibility to adapt efficiently to opportunities for new business and growth. New business often goes along with new requirements for your manufacturing process.

We attempt to inherit from the core Cetec ERP framework, extending the code to meet these requirements without fully locking your business into a dead end software process.

This customization methodology enables us to sustain the software structure needed to ensure you always receive latest releases and upgrades (which are included in your subscription cost), while still allowing you to set your own behaviors, so you don’t have to develop your own internal custom system. It is an ERP structure, but it is a structure we adapt to you.

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