Is Your Cloud ERP Up To The Challenge?

Aerospace and Defense contracts are hard-won projects in a highly regulated industry. Once your company has its foot in the door with its first project you can be tempted to feel that the hard part is over. But now is when the real work actually starts. In order to manage the high level of traceability, visibility, and quality expected of Aerospace and Defense contractors you need an ERP that is up to the challenge.


Why Your Business Needs The Accountability Of An ERP

How important is a high level of visibility and accountability for Aerospace and Defense manufacturers? You may remember a story we wrote about in 2019 detailing forged inspection documents by a New York-based aerospace company. The employee responsible for the forgeries was able to get away with it for years, and the company he worked for suffered severe consequences because of his actions. This story highlights the need for transparency and accountability in a pressure-filled industry. There will always be another goal to reach, another contract to win, but as soon as you become lax with your processes you risk your credibility and your future in the industry.

Cloud ERP Designed For Aerospace And Defense

Cetec ERP is a cloud-based manufacturing software solution designed by engineers who understand the challenges faced by Aerospace and Defense manufacturers. From designing solutions, to fabrication, to delivery, Aerospace and Defense companies need complete visibility and quality control. The easier it is to ensure you are producing a high-quality product, the more efficient your company will become. Don’t settle for ERP solutions that force you to work around their quirks, take extra steps to get the job done, or fail to track every step of the process. Choose a cloud-native, customizable software solution like Cetec ERP for better traceability, compliance, and ease of use.

Have questions about how Cetec ERP can work for your Aerospace and Defense manufacturing company? Visit this page to learn more about factors such as security and regulatory requirements. Contact our team today with your questions, or set up your FREE 30-day trial and see for yourself how Cetec ERP can help your business to grow while staying accountable.

Cetec ERP is the manufacturing software solution that is ready for the unique challenges faced by Aerospace and Defense companies.