Detailed Document Control

A customer recently reached out to our support team with an inquiry regarding a document screen. Our document management system is integrated directly into the Cetec ERP platform, meaning that users are supplied with a wide variety of tools to organize and handily access all their documents. This user was curious to know about the ‘Globalize’ button as well as the ‘Alive’ categorization on this document screen.

Helpfully, this user sent our support team a direct link to the document screen in question. Through the cloud, our support team can jump on to the exact page our customer-in-need is looking at in their Cetec site, making resolution that much easier!

Let’s look at the details in question on a similar document screen from a mock Cetec ERP site.


Globalize button.

The ‘Globalize’ button is meant primarily for use on Customer documents & Order documents. Globalizing a document that’s been uploaded to a specific customer record (say, ABC Widgets) makes that document available on ALL customer records, so that you the user can have access to the same document when you go to sell to XYZ Widgets instead.

This gives you handy access to documents such as customer onboarding documents when you are interacting with any customer record. Another useful instance may be if you have a global craftsmanship/workmanship guarantee that you want every customer or order to know about; you can pull that document up on any record and send it to them.


As background, Cetec ERP recommends setting up five basic processes (General Documents, HR Policies, ISO Documents, Safety Documents, and Vendor Documents) to help kick off setting up your ISO compliant document management system. Each of these processes work as the loci for document control, revision control, and workflow approvals. Once inside a Process, you can upload new documents, add or delete revisions, edit document workflow status, submit documents for approval, and use other document control related functions.

Each of these documents can be given a specific date range in which they are considered ‘valid.’ Documents will be noted as ‘Alive’ when the date on which they are viewed falls within the ‘valid’ date range. See pictures below:

Alive document.

Valid date range.

Cetec ERP gives you extensive, detailed document control, allowing your team to be organized and efficient when moving about in the Cetec platform. The cloud platform also means that customer support interactions can be handled easily and in little time, so that you are back on track completing tasks.