Ease Of Accessibility In Web Based Systems

Does your company struggle with communicating issues on work orders? Most companies rely on tribal knowledge or legacy systems as stopgap solutions. This results in obstacles to training new employees.

The solution to better communication and easier training of your employees is to make information more accessible. The ease of access to the information is crucial to the speed at which your company can address issues.

My favorite aspect of Cetec ERP is the web-based interface. It’s incredibly convenient to use various hardware platforms (PC, tablet, phone) and various OS systems (Linux, Windows, etc) with equal ease of access. This feature alone has dramatically improved the communication between our departments. - Joshua Foraker, Honeycomb Company of America.

Technology has the answer with Cetec ERP’s highly integrated Web-Based ERP system. Because the Cetec ERP cloud system is 100% web-native, it can be run on any device, mobile tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. All you do is pull up a web browser.

This means your entire company database can be accessed from anywhere in your business, by anyone in your business. You navigate your orders with ease and communicate issues seen faster than legacy-based technology systems have been able to accomplish.

Cloud ERP Let's You Access Your Company Data From Any Device

There are many ERP platforms in the market, many of whom offer a cloud washed skin on top of their legacy-based technology.

Cetec ERP is 100% web-native, however, which makes our platform uniquely positioned as the top mobile ERP for manufacturing and distribution companies.

“For our particular implementation, Cetec ERP has brought about a great deal of change with proactive planning in our company. Prior to this system, we relied heavily on tribal knowledge when planning Material Deliveries, Expected WIP Time, Queue Staging Delays, and general MRP-Type Functions…. the ease of accessibility within Cetec ERP allowed for a relatively painless culture change” - Joshua Foraker, Honeycomb Company of America

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