How Cloud Based ERP Keeps Your Data Secure

Forbes recently reported on an ever-growing concern we hear from businesses across every sector: cybersecurity attacks. How do you keep your data is safe, especially when so many organizations are falling victim to these attacks? The authors of the Forbes article point out that switching to a modernized ERP system is one of the best steps you can take to protect your organization’s data against threat. “Ultimately, what’s needed,” according to Forbes, “is an updated security model to defend against ransomware, one that goes beyond the scope of just protecting endpoints, backing up files, and hoping for the best.”

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More Protection In The Cloud

Cetec ERP offers free cloud hosting in Google Cloud Compute. Why Google Cloud Compute? Simply put, Google is the best at what they do. According to their security whitepaper, “Google Cloud runs on a technology platform that is conceived, designed and built to operate securely.” Rather than just being a feature, security is an integral part of their operation. With the security measures Google has in place your data is at low risk of attack. For more information about Google security measures visit this page. Cetec ERP is also a cloud-native platform, so we understand the needs of companies who run their businesses on the cloud. We offer state of the art security measures including electronic security, physical security on site, hardened, single purpose Unix server, and dedicated resources with all services and ports closed off to the outside world. And we encourage our users to stay on top of security best practices from their end, such as maintaining strong passwords and educating employees about protecting their data.

Frequent Backups Mean Quick Recovery

One problem with outdated ERP systems is the lack of recent backups. Forbes shares one example of an outdated, on-premise ERP system that was hacked then restored from a backup. “Yes, the backup was refreshed once a week.” Forbes explains, “However, operations halted anyway. When this happens, even with backups in place, it can still take hours or even days to restore from a backup, and the negative impact on the business and the financial losses are high regardless.” Google cloud servers are backed up nightly, meaning your recent data can be recovered quickly if the network is attacked, and your business will be up and running without significant lag time. In addition, Cetec ERP gives users the option to download and store their backups anytime. To learn how to download and store your backups visit our how to page.

Local And Third-Party Hosting Options

Can you still use Cetec ERP if you don’t want to use Google Cloud Compute? Yes! While Cetec ERP is a cloud-native platform, we also support other hosting options, such as Amazon AWS’s DoD version or Azure. If you prefer to use a resident or third-party host, or your organization has restrictions such as the need to maintain ITAR compliance, Cetec ERP will still work for you. There is a one-time fee for set-up in your preferred server, plus a monthly maintenance fee for things like updating your system and maintaining the connection. Visit our Expert Services page to learn more about this option.

Worry Less With Cetec ERP

Constant worry about threats like cyberattack is not a great way to run a business. However, you need to know your organization’s data is protected. Cetec ERP’s cloud-based system helps you strike a balance between staying alert to threats, and focusing on your day to day operations.

Don’t let the threat of cyberattacks keep you up at night. Know your data is safe thanks to Cetec ERP’s security measures.