How Do PCBA Manufacturers Increase Efficiency?

If you have spent any time in the PCBA manufacturing industry you know keeping track of the hundreds of components needed for each BOM can be a nightmare, especially for companies making custom orders. Without the right ERP system many manufacturers find the level of detailed tracking needed to keep production running smoothly a challenge at best. That is why you need a manufacturing software solution designed with PCBA manufacturers in mind, which is exactly what Cetec ERP is.


Product Identification And Traceability

With so many important components making up each order, product identification and traceability is one of the top priorities for PCBA manufacturers implementing an ERP. In order to streamline production these businesses need an ERP that is simple to use, yet powerful enough to keep track of diverse inventory, lead times, and attrition. In addition, for businesses that make custom PCBs, the ability to import BOMs and keep track of customer-supplied parts is non-negotiable. With Cetec ERP’s integrated, native support for one-off custom work orders, you do not have to worry about unique PCBA contracts. Cetec ERP supports thousands of individual components, including customer-supplied components, with simple importing and tracking features, and the ability to group interchangeable parts on individual BOMs.

What Do Streamlined Processes Mean For PCBA Manufacturers?

What does this easier product identification and traceability mean for PCBA companies? Increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and an overall simplification in how you do your work. All of these factors give PCBA manufacturers the ability to grow and offer competitive rates to their customers. Austin-based full-service EMS company, East/West Manufacturing Enterprises, knows how time-consuming inventory tracking is, and how a great ERP can help reduce costs. “We work closely with our customers to deliver high-quality products,” explains East/West Manufacturing Enterprises President Andy Salo. “Cetec certainly will help us pass further savings and quality to our customers and partners.” East/West Manufacturing Enterprises implemented Cetec ERP in 2019 with the goals of streamlining their processes, passing on savings to their customers, and growing their customer base. Read more about their ERP implementation here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Cetec ERP can help your PCBA manufacturing company visit our recent post on what to look for in an ERP software here. Contact our team today to request a free demo, and a free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself what Cetec ERP is capable of.

Cetec ERP is the right choice for PCBA manufacturers looking for a simplified way to keep track of their inventory and streamline their processes. Find out more by talking to our team of ERP experts today.