Managing UOM: Inventory Versus Purchase

Discerning between units of measure specific to your inventory, purchased parts, etc. is an essential function of ERP software. It’s what keeps your inventory tracking and purchasing strategy organized, detailed, and well-informed. So, how do we tell the difference between an inventory unit of measure and a purchase unit of measure in Cetec ERP?

The default unit of measure (UOM) in Cetec ERP will always refer to how the part is defined on the bill of materials (BOM) and how you would be counting or measuring it in a physical inventory count.

The purchase UOM is simply the unit of measure in which a vendor requires you to purchase the part number.

Both the default UOM and the purchase UOM can be defined in the Edit view of the part’s record:

Part record.

For more information on how to set up and manage conversion rates between default and purchase UOMs, visit our how-to video on the subject:

How To Manage Unit Of Measure (UOM) and UOM Conversions

Effective ERP software should allow you to easily manage the default and purchase UOMs of all parts in a concise and clear manner. Cetec ERP accomplishes this in its characteristic user-friendly, intuitive, and detailed fashion!