The Future Of ERP

Like most things in the world, manufacturing has undergone drastic changes between 2019 and 2021. Before the global pandemic small and midsized manufacturing companies were reluctant to switch from resident-hosted ERP systems to cloud-based systems. However, since 2020 there has been a noticeable shift in the ERP industry away from resident-hosted systems and toward cloud-based systems. Why the shift? Here are a few things we think are behind it, and why your company should take note.

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The Post-COVID Workforce During the height of summer 2020 most workers who could do their jobs remotely chose to do so. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, by December 2020 71% of these workers made the switch from in-office to remote. With more employees working from home, or in a hybrid capacity, manufacturers are realizing just how useful, and necessary, cloud based systems are.

Better Options For Cloud-Based ERP Another reason manufacturing companies are opting into cloud-based ERP is that there are better options now than there were 20 years ago. Cloud-based ERP companies have grown up, worked out their kinks, and are ready for widespread use. And when you choose a company with a long track record, like Cetec ERP, you can be confident in the product you’re buying into.

Easier Access With The Cloud In 2021 there are not many places you can go without internet access. With more accessible and reliable broadband, connecting to your cloud-based ERP system is easy. In addition, with the boomer workforce entering retirement and the next generations moving into management positions there is a push toward movable and adaptable technology. We are seeing more companies who want access to their ERP system through smartphones or tablets, which Cetec ERP can easily accommodate.

Is Cloud-Based Right For Everyone? Despite the sizable market shift from resident-hosted to cloud-based ERP systems, there are legitimate reasons your company may not want to make the switch. Fortunately, Cetec ERP offers both cloud and resident-hosted options. Cetec ERP even supports third-party cloud hosting. Visit this post to learn how we support customers who want to install Cetec ERP on their local hardware or in a third-party cloud.

More manufacturing companies are switching to cloud-based ERP systems because of the ease and flexibility it provides. Cetec ERP is a cloud native system, prepared to meet the needs of a changing workforce.