Streamline ISO Compliance with NCRs

Quality management is a top priority for any manufacturer. This is especially true in heavily regulated industries like medical devices, aerospace, and defense manufacturing. Cetec ERP simplifies the process by providing a fully native quality management system (QMS), featuring tools like Non-Conformance Reports (NCR), built for ISO compliance. The integrated nature of the QMS system streamlines the quality management process.

NCRs are critical to maintaining compliance in manufacturing. When a product or a process does not meet regulatory or customer requirements, it’s essential to document and track it through an NCR. Tracking non-conformance reports externally, either in spreadsheets or a separate quality management software, is needlessly time-consuming. The best manufacturing ERPs will offer this functionality out of the box, making it easier for your team to manage NCRs accurately and efficiently.

Cetec ERP houses all of the standard QMS features together natively within a manufacturing company’s standard processes, so the NCR process is streamlined and connected to the source inspection. A failed inspection during production or receiving will automatically trigger the creation of a non-conformance report (NCR), with all of the related data linked and filled in from the source failure. All supporting data and documentation can be uploaded, and a final NCR report generated showing root causes, dispositions, and resolutions.

The integrated nature of the module also provides real-time visibility into the production progress. Managers can stay informed about potential problems before they become too serious to handle on their own. This allows you to quickly identify trends, analyze root causes, and implement corrective actions, all while ensuring that you meet compliance requirements. The ultimate results are improved customer satisfaction, more confidence in preparing for audits, lower costs associated with quality issues, and increased efficiency for employees in managing the NCR process.

Cetec ERP designs powerful tools like Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) specifically for managing quality management processes more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With Cetec ERP’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features, you can easily take control of your manufacturing operations, no matter what regulatory requirements you need to adhere to.

For more detailed information on the nuts and bolts of how NCRs function within Cetec ERP, check out our How To video here.