Big Bang: The Modern Approach to ERP Implementation

ERP implementation usually happens in one of three ways: in phases over a long period of time, as a ‘big bang’ all at once, or some combination of both.

Implementation fear of failure.

Previously, a phased implementation has been the cautious choice of companies and ERP providers. However, modern SaaS technology has made a ‘big bang’ approach not just a comfortable, secure choice, but one that is exceedingly efficient in all aspects: installation, set-up, configuration, user training, support, data migration, integration, and customization.

Because the goal of ERP implementation is to move the core business processes over to the new system, there are certain areas of the system which are more efficiently moved together as a unit (e.g. order processing, purchasing, inventory control, warehousing/receiving/shipping, and accounting). The interrelated dependencies between these system functions are vast; phasing out implementation of each requires redundant data entry and transactions to maintain the implementation, which usually redounds to a costlier implementation than simply knocking it out all at once.

We are of the mind that the ‘big bang’ approach is the best choice for companies taking on ERP, with the opportunity for some phasing in of “low-hanging ROI fruit” that can be easily segmented and treated as a “phase two” of implementation to optimize smoothness of transition and operational stability (e.g. CRM, Shop floor routing, work instructions, & labor tracking, Quality control, etc.).

Modern cloud technology mitigates the fears of an ERP implementation project for small and mid-size businesses!

Cetec ERP is with you every step of the way as you move your business over to the cloud, providing dedicated, proactive support and training. We are committed to preparing our customers for a successful ERP implementation.