To create a new customer case, first type the customer’s company name the case represents, and click “Create”. Then, fill out all relevant case information to describe and classify the customer case (and click submit):

  • Customer
  • Title
  • Priority
  • Owner
  • Department
  • Case Type
  • Description
  • Resolution Type
  • Resolution Comments


Action Taken

The goal here is to log all actions taken in response to the customer feedback from initiation of the case to resolution. To log an ‘action’, select which kind of action was performed, and write a brief description of the context of the action (i.e. what the customer feedback was, what clarification was needed, and what was done or promised in the company to address the feedback or complaint). The default options for Action Taken are: email, survey, verbal, probation, termination, policy change, and other. For information on how to edit or add to these default options, click here.

Click “add to history” to log the action in case history.


To attach files and documents to any Customer Case, select the ‘Documents’ tab on the left sidebar of the customer case view screen; the files will be stored in the particular case you attach them to for future access with complete revision control. For information on Cetec ERP Document Mangement features and functionality, click here.


Add a note to the knowledge base for each individual customer case. Notes can be added to establish a system-wide knowledge base for details on customer cases. Additionally, you may set reminders on notes to send you personal calendar reminder to follow up with a customer. For more information on the Cetec ERP knowledge base feature, click here.


Is there a list of all customer cases in one location in the system? Yes - this is the Satisfaction Cases list. This is also where you may search for a customer case in the system. Search and filter by:

  • Case Title
  • Case Number
  • Case Type
  • Customer Name
  • Case Resolution
  • Department

To locate a customer case in the system, set the filters you want to search on and click ‘Search’. Note that when you create a customer case, it is automatically assigned the next available “case number” in the system. So, if you sort by case number, the results will be delivered in the order in which they were entered in the system.

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