Tariff charges (and other similar taxes) are assessed on specific lines at time of purchase. Unless you are the direct importer of goods, it is unlikely that these reflect actual obligations to your government, and more likely that they reflect additional charges being levied by your supplier. In either case, to pass these along to your customer on affected materials, you have three options.

1) Increase the cost of your materials at receipt (via Landed Cost) or after receipt with an adjustment, then increase your Resale prices accordingly.
Component cost increase is the ultimate net impact of the charges, so in many ways this is correct. Note that Vouchering the receipt can be difficult unless there is a clear map between the Tariff charge and the affected Receipt. However, when Parts subject to Tariff charges are used in BOMs (especially multi-level BOMs), this is generally the most clear model.

2) Increase the net resale with a Charge line reflecting the Tariff.
If you are selling a line with a net tariff impact of $4.00, you can add a Charge line to the Quote reflecting that value. This will increase your Resale to cover your increase in Cost. This method is relatively simple to understand and implement - the hardest part is understanding what the relevant Tariff charges are (difficult with BOMs in some cases).

3) Model the tariff as a Tax in Cetec ERP
Tariffs can entered as a Tax in Cetec ERP (https://cetecerp.com/support/how-to/tax-overview.html), and set on a Quote as a line level Tax. Specific Parts can be set to automatically attach Line Level taxes, which will increase Resale as a Tax. Ultimately, charged taxes will be collected but not reported to a Tax Authority if the Tariffs are not payable to any Tax Authority.

Note: To mitigate risk, you might consider taking a closer look at the supply chain contracts to incorporate language that 1) allows for the ability to include all tariffs to be invoiced at the same time with the product procure and 2) all cost pass-through can be transferred directly to the final consumers by means of adjustment clauses or comparable pass-through mechanisms.

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