ERP Evaluation And Project Planning

If you are in the process of implementing a new ERP system you probably have a lot of questions like, how long does it take? What should you expect from the sales team? Will an ERP system actually improve your company? In our ERP Implementation series we try to help you understand the process of choosing and implementing a new ERP. The first blog in the series explored how to choose the best ERP, click here if you missed it. This post will take you through the evaluation stage and project planning. Next time we will look at what happens after you submit a purchase order and go live with your new ERP system.


The Evaluation Stage

Why is the evaluation stage important? You need to know that what you’re buying will actually help your company grow. At Cetec ERP we conduct interviews before we even schedule a demo to determine whether or not your company is a good candidate for our ERP software. So, chances are if you have made it to the evaluation stage you can benefit from Cetec. However, we also want you to be 100% certain your company is ready for the change that comes with a new ERP system. We typically take 2-4 weeks to guide you through these three evaluation stages.

  1. Technical Validation
  2. ERP Readiness
  3. Trust And References

These evaluation stages are critical to determining if your company and Cetec ERP are a good match.

Technical Validation

During technical validation we want you to become familiar with the technology and all it can do. Now is the time to ask questions and determine which features are deal breakers. For instance, if your employees must have remote access to your ERP system you need to choose a system that allows for that, preferably a cloud ERP system (which, for the record, Cetec is). When speaking about the ERP implementation process Ben Brock, President and CEO of Brock LLC, explained how attractive Cetec was after evaluating other ERP systems. “We’ve seen enough ERP systems so we could tell that Cetec matched what we were looking for.” says Brock. “It was logical and intuitive to us and the pricing was attractive to us as a start up. …We also wanted a cloud-based solution. Cetec offered that to us.”

ERP Readiness

How do you know your company is ready for the shift that comes with implementing an ERP system? Like we mentioned above, we conduct qualification interviews before every demo to ensure your company is a good fit. We know Cetec ERP has the tools your company needs to streamline and grow. But, will your employees use these tools, or are they too dependent on their current mode of operation? Our team will share tips for getting your team on board with your new system, plus warning signs you should watch out for as you make the switch.

Trust And References

When you are making a decision as important as which ERP system to implement you need to have confidence in the company you’re working with. Any ERP sales team can make their company look good before you buy, but you should be concerned about how the company operates in the long term. Is the software team knowledgeable and easy to work with? Do they respond quickly when you have urgent needs? Will their software scale with your company? Now is the time for you to vet Cetec ERP.

We will provide you with proof of our stability as a company. Although Cetec ERP is not one of the “big names” in ERP software, we have been around for a while and have a solid foundation as a company. We will provide information about the power of our software so you can be confident that you will never “grow out” of Cetec and be forced to find a new ERP system. Finally, we offer testimonials from current users so you can learn how real companies interact with Cetec on a daily basis.

Project Planning And Quote

When you’re ready to proceed with the project planning and quote phase our team will work with you to create a detailed quote based on your company’s specific needs. Our representative will create a profile of your company, taking into consideration your ERP requirements, employees, locations, go-live targets, and more. Each company is different, thus each project and quote will be different. However, if you’re curious what a typical implementation costs and includes visit our Launch Packages page.

After you accept the quote and submit a purchase order you are ready to launch! In our next post in this series we will look at what happens when you make the switch to Cetec ERP. Stay tuned!

From evaluating a potential ERP company to submitting a purchase order there is a lot to consider. Be sure you’re making the right choice for your growing business by following our ERP evaluation steps.