Will Cetec ERP Work For Your Manufacturing Company?

At Cetec ERP one question we are frequently asked is, “How do I know your product will work for my manufacturing company?” One of the most important steps you can take when choosing a new ERP system is to seek out testimonials from other users. We reviewed this process briefly in our recent ERP Implementation series. To give prospective users a small peek into why manufacturing companies choose Cetec ERP we spoke to Ben Brock, President and CEO of Brock LLC. Read below to see how Cetec ERP has benefitted his team’s performance, and how other manufacturing companies might also benefit.

How Brock LLC. Teamed Up With Cetec ERP

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Brock LLC is a Chattanooga-based company that not only provides manufactured and customized parts and equipment, but also performs on-site services for hot mix asphalt plants. Their team needed a manufacturing software solution with features such as product identification and traceability, and mobile MRP. When they initially started their business Brock and his team were familiar with several different ERP systems, some that worked well and others that didn’t. “We discussed and thought about all the ERP systems we had experience with in our previous work lives.” says Brock. “We used Epicor, Dynamics, Infor, Baan, etc. I mean if you named it, we had tried them.” In addition to talking through their past experience, Brock and his team reached out to other companies to ask what they used, and searched the web to find the best ERPs for manufacturers. After discovering Cetec ERP and requesting a demo Brock and his team could tell it was a good fit. “We’ve seen enough ERP systems so we could tell that Cetec matched what we were looking for. It was logical and intuitive to us and the pricing was attractive to us as a start up.”

Streamlining Through ERP

In order to keep your manufacturing company running smoothly you need a central place to manage everything. As Brock points out, Cetec ERP provides that in a logical and intuitive way. “Before Cetec, process-wise we didn’t have a place where everybody could go day-to-day.” explains Brock. “Today everybody touches it or uses it in some fashion. Our sales team quotes in it, we’re doing credit card sales through the third party supplier that you guys had recommended, engineering is doing Bill of Materials, we’re purchasing POs through it to vendors, warehouse is receiving, shop employees clock into it for all the jobs, etc. Accounting is fully operational with payroll, invoicing, and receiving cash . . . all of that is done in Cetec. Without that, I think we would be disjointed.”

Growth Through ERP

At Cetec ERP one of our goals is to streamline your processes, making you more efficient and giving you the ability to grow. With a comprehensive, cloud-based approach your manufacturing company can reach your goals more quickly with Cetec ERP than without it. In fact, Brock LLC. has seen enormous growth since implementing Cetec ERP. Brock reports, “in 2021 our business is growing at a faster pace than any company I’ve seen grow in our industry in the past 30 years. Without Cetec, we just wouldn’t have the ability to do that.”

Other ERP systems have the reputation of being complicated and difficult to learn, but, as Brock pointed out above, Cetec is an intuitive ERP system. This plays a major role in getting your employees to fully embrace the system and allow your company to do more. Brock points to this as one of the reasons Cetec ERP has made a difference in their growth, “Our growth rate wouldn’t happen without Cetec being as good as it is. Our people have to use it and they trust it and that’s a big piece of ERP.”

Will Cetec ERP Work For Your Business?

You probably aren’t in the hot asphalt manufacturing business, so how do you know Cetec ERP will really bring your company the results you want? After nearly 30 years in manufacturing, and having used a variety of ERP systems, Ben Brock feels confident in his assessment of Cetec ERP. “I would think that it would fit with just about any type of manufacturing work or distribution.” he says. “If I ever had another manufacturing company say to me, “Hey we’re looking for an ERP”. I’d say, “Don’t waste any time, just buy Cetec and you’ll be fine”.”

If you’re searching for a new ERP, whether your company is implementing ERP for the first time or you are replacing a legacy system, reach out to our ERP experts today. We will provide a demo and full access to the system for a 30 day trial so you can see for yourself how easy and intuitive it really is.

Learn how Cetec ERP helped Brock LLC streamline and grow, and how it can help your manufacturing company do the same.