Companies in Aerospace and Defense consistently require deep levels of traceability from finished products to the component, as well as a wealth of related information like tool calibrated. Their industry demands clear and precise quality assurance for their customers and auditors. This model of manufacturing needs a solution with complete visibility to every step of production, quality control, inventory management and document management.

Success Story: ConexSmart

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ConexSmart is an aerospace and defense wire harness company based outside of Denver, CO. They began looking for a fully integrated ERP solution that offered a wide range of capabilities from General Ledger, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory Management, MRP, Quality Assurance, Document Management all the way through Customer Invoicing and Support. Another critical factor was their desire to choose a solution that would meet their Quality Management System requirements with ISO:9001 and AS:9100 compliance. After evaluating six other ERP vendors, they landed with the solution that fit all of their needs.

“To go from a business plan in late August to working our first RFQ in mid-November is simply amazing and we couldn’t have done it without Cetec and their support.” - Keith Vierela, CEO of ConexSmart

Why Cetec ERP Makes Sense for a Company in Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense is highly regulated, and with Cetec, every phase of ConexSmart’s production is traceable, auditable, and controlled by the complete manufacturing software solution. It is intentionally and comprehensively designed to solve the most critical needs for aerospace and defense companies. Cetec allows for serialized inventory with date code and lot code traceability with a full integration from purchased material to in production and final inspection into invoice and shipment. Cetec captures the entire scope of the manufacturing process.

Cetec focuses on being a lean, powerful software solution to handle robust quality requirements, and it uses real time features to record data and generate quality documents to reflect all actions and details on any given order. The model of cloud ERP fits the mold of the aerospace industry with its easy to use web-native user interface and extensive feature breadth.

ConexSmart Project Success and Cloud ERP Benefits

For ConexSmart, Cetec was the complete package they were looking for. Cetec exceeded their expectations in vast quality management, product identification and traceability, detailed visibility, mrp tracking and real time inventory management.

  • Document control from start to finish on production orders - Certificates of Conformance, RoHS, Serial List, Component Details, Labor Details and more.
  • Serialization and lot code traceability from purchased material into WIP and out to shipment.
  • Multi-level BOM management and live data collection.
  • Real time material requirement planning system to notify when inventory demands to be purchased.
  • Quality assurance features that allow for detailed and documented incoming inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection.

“Cetec provided excellent training and online support. During a customer onsite quality audit from a major Aerospace and Defense company, we reached out in real time to Cetec for support to answer some deep diving Quality, Document Control and Traceability questions. Cetec ERP is an outstanding product and their support has been world class. I highly recommend Cetec for any manufacturer looking to become more lean, meet ISO requirements and provide great customer support.” - Keith Vierela, CEO of ConexSmart

Cetec ERP is the strongest, most nimble cloud ERP platform in the world, and aerospace and defense companies like ConexSmart are seeing the benefits of ERP system. Reach out to us or sign up for a free trial of the software to see for yourself what Cetec can do for you.

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