LED & Lighting companies use Cetec ERP to handle custom manufacturing, capture total inventory traceability, and operate with greater efficiency.

Success Story: Illumitex, Inc.

Illumitex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision LED equipment headquartered in Austin, TX. With patented innovations in light intensity and customized wavelength technology, Illumitex has experienced rapid growth and an estimated 500% increase in sales projected for the year 2016.

Facing the challenge of immense growth in a short period of time, Illumitex decided that their current setup (a manufacturing plugin called MiSys together with the Sage accounting platform) would not allow them to scale their operation effectively.

“When Illumitex first started, we purchased an MRP product for inventory and production, and a separate system for accounting,” said Carl Gallagher, CFO at Illumitex, Inc. “But gluing those systems together caused chaos, which inhibited growth. We found in Cetec ERP an integrated system that could track our entire operation.”

Why did Cetec ERP make sense for a company in LEDs and Lighting Equipment?

Custom LED production is incredibly dynamic, involving a high mix of material, complex build processes, changing customer requirements, and requirements for strict material and production process auditability.

Illumitex found in Cetec ERP a single platform to solve all of their critical requirements:

  • Enforce process discipline and robust tracking mechanisms to bring simplicity and visibility to their shop floor activity
  • Deploy ERP via web browser on mobile tablets and laptops to reduce paperwork generated by production requirements
  • Track subassembly builds through fab / machine shop side of the business
  • Link outsourcing costs through network of domestic and international contract manufacturing partners and achieve more accurate cost accounting per finished good
  • Streamline receiving, stocking, picking, and shipping with iPad / barcode equipped mobile warehousing
  • Capture inventory control and traceability and material movement from receiving through to production and outsourcing through to shipping and invoicing
  • Track commissions and payments to network of reps and distributors
  • Built-in integration to robust financial accounting within same application; real time numbers and financial reporting
  • Software scalability to handle growth into global company; no 3-5 year upgrade cycle

Illumitex, Inc. Project Success and Cloud ERP Benefits

Illumitex, Inc. moved all critical operational and financial data to Cetec ERP over a single weekend. On Day One of the launch, Illumitex was up and running on their new, modern, web-based ERP, tracking and fulfilling orders in WIP from the previous week, processing new business on quotes and orders, receiving new product, shipping orders on time, and even collecting A/R and applying cash.

“Cetec ERP is clearly made for manufacturing, and their SaaS pricing model is simple. They saved us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to any other cloud ERP competitor,” added Gallagher.

With absolutely zero upfront cost or licensing, Illumitex saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by choosing Cetec ERP over the nearest cloud manufacturing software competitor. Currently, they enjoy an ongoing recurring model ⅕ the price of comparable manufacturing ERP provider annual maintenance fees. Illumitex improves their software processes regularly with Cetec ERP’s free and automatic six-week product release cycle.

Cetec ERP now forms the backbone of Illumitex day to day business, from sales to inventory and manufacturing to finance. Due to the Cetec ERP integration, Illumitex is running with greater efficiency, and makes decisions based on accurate, real-time information, helping them expand and flourish in a competitive industry.


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