Cetec ERP provides a complete solution for medical device manufactureres with extreme traceability requirements in a simple, web-based ERP system.

Success Story: CIRS, Inc.

CIRS Inc. is a high tech medical device manufacturer. Established in 1983, CIRS has become an innovation leader in human tissue simulation methodology, and continues to provide quantitative reference standards for the industry.

With a commitment to ongoing improvement and excellence in manufacturing, CIRS successfully migrated all major business software operations onto a modernized and fully integrated cloud ERP platform, with a vision for migrating all extraneous manual and paper processes to an online system.

Why Cloud ERP? How To Select & Implement An ERP System

CIRS appreciated a no nonsense sales and implementation process that set Cetec ERP apart from the other options. Cetec did not send sales teams on site for power point presentation, nor did they offer any “wining and dining”. Consequently, CIRS faced absolutely zero upfront software cost.

Instead, Cetec ERP offered a thorough and greatly efficient qualification analysis and product demonstration remotely. As a modern SaaS platform (ERP As A Service), with no upfront contracts to sign or payment to make, CIRS felt the selection decision was obvious and sound, a new way of approaching ERP.

“After a careful vetting and selection process, CIRS narrowed it down to two vendors: Cetec ERP and NetSuite. We saw that Cetec ERP offered a vastly more cost effective solution, friendlier support, and a much more robust suite of features geared specifically for manufacturing.” - Jennifer Brant, Controller at CIRS.

Why did Cetec ERP make sense for a company in Medical Devices?

Medical device manufacturing is highly regulated, and it is critical that every phase of CIRS production is traceable, auditable, and controlled by the software. Cetec ERP is intentionally and comprehensively designed to solve the most critical needs for medical device companies.

CIRS approached Cetec with five major components of their operations that required immediate attention: Customer Service, Inventory, Accounting, Production and Operations. Their sales orders and purchase quotes were difficult to track in their previous accounting-focused system; production process was chaotic; financials were consistently out of line and in need of constant monitoring.

CIRS automated numerous processes with the Cetec ERP web based business software platform, including:

  • Sales order entry: a customer service team to guide and assist production scheduling.

  • RFQ Workflow automation: All paper requisitions forms are now online; supervisors using purchasing workflow to issue product requisitions in the system.

  • Warehouse transfers: CIRS used to process a sale and issue manual credit memos to handle movement of material for trade show purposes, warranty items, RMAs, etc. Now, CIRS is employing “virtual warehouses” in Cetec ERP to streamline these processes and track them better.

  • Scheduling work orders: Review customer demand signals and production supply signals using the MRP reports to determine what work orders need to be created and assigned to supervisors.

  • Tracking work orders in production in real time, online. For CIRS, paper became a thing of the past, and all products became traceable.

  • Delivery of product to finished goods, a complete process of finished goods work orders into finished goods stock.

  • Modeling BOMs and processing a “build for stock” work order to deplete the component material and increase the finished BOM product into stock.

  • Custom work orders with automated workflow allowed projects to travel from approval to quote deliverable, from purchase quotes to custom builds and from final builds to order fulfillments and shipment.

“It was obvious to us that Cetec ERP was the right choice for manufacturing. Their pricing was so drastically lower than the others, at first we did not believe it.” - Jennifer Brant

CIRS, Inc. Project Success and Benefits of Cloud ERP For Medical Device Companies

Over a single week, CIRS successfully migrated all major business software operations onto Cetec ERPs modernized and fully integrated cloud ERP platform, achieving a monumental step toward the vision of migrating all extraneous manual and paper processes to the online production tracking modules already included in the platform.

The notable aspect of this transition was not only the minimal disruption it had to CIRS operations, but moreover the breadth and depth of the platform CIRS transitioned onto. This platform has equipped CIRS with everything they need, already fully built-in and integrated, to accomplish their vision for continuous improvement and scale to the next level.


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