Metal stamping manufacturers require structured work schedules, controlled inventory and detailed traceability. Visibility in planning, ordering and production is absolutely necessary. Fong Kai Industrial historically lagged in these crucial areas, attempting to patch together separate systems for each problem area. With Cetec, FKI simplified the approach, using an all-in-one system with the strength to address each problem on its own while staying integrated on one simple, centralized platform.

Success Story: Fong Kai Industrial (FKI)

Fong Kai Industrial is a leading metal stamping company located in the greater area of Dallas, TX. FKI stamps metal into finished product for prominent companies such as HP, LG and Ford.

FKI needed an intuitive, integrated system to help them track their entire business on a unified platform from quoting to production and out to shipment.

Metal Stamping is an industry that requires controlled production plans with complete traceability from the creation of an order through its build process all while demanding visibility of inventory requirements. If any step of production becomes lackluster, companies lose efficiency; the shop floor falls behind, material planning back tracks and traceability is cloudy.

Cetec ERP provides a fully integrated platform that molds to the production process of metal stamping. Cetec moves companies like FKI onto one paperless ERP platform that connects their engineering, inventory, production, accounting and more. This complete visibility allows FKI to leave behind their lagging, glued together systems, and it creates an opportunity for metal stamping companies to visualize their entire business process on a singular, complete platform. t three years FKI’s customers grew from repetitive stamping to a diversified product mix, and to an extent that would not allow them to successfully move their business operations forward on a melting pot of spreadsheets, two different accounting software interfaces (Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics / Great Plains).

“We transitioned from another product that was overhead intensive, and shop floor management, MRP and traceability were our pain points that needed addressing. Cetec provided the solution to those issues.” - Derek Dooley

FKI Project Success and Cloud ERP Benefits

As a result of using a scalable, integrated platform, FKI began to see every aspect of their business process from order to shipment with Cetec ERP. The cloud ERP benefits for FKI proved themselves in their ability to visualize vendor consignment warehouse inventory for upcoming orders, detailing build operations for live work orders on the floor, and tracking purchase orders driven by an active material resource planning function within the Cetec ERP system.

FKI took charge of onboarding Cetec and reaped the benefits in a very short period. They hit the ground running, and within days, they were quoting, building and shipping product all through their cloud ERP instance. The transition to Cetec shed light on areas of their business they were once lagging, and Cetec’s visibility allows FKI to address those issues and successfully move forward.


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