With experience in numerous other “big name” ERP systems, PAA was able to self-implement a complete cloud manufacturing ERP system and bring their entire business online, from CRM to engineering and production management, to RMAs and Non-conformance workflows, to accounting financials, and more.

Success Story: PAA Automation

PAA Automation is a multi-entity established engineering company and lab automation integrators with locations in Colorado Springs, CO and the United Kingdom. Supplying OEM automation applications, robots, and fully integrated workcells, PAA has undergone over four different ERP transitions, with deep experience running on legacy ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, and others. With Cetec ERP, PAA believes they have finally found the right fit - a full blown manufacturing ERP system that is actually easy to use and properly designed, not to mention low cost.

“We have been through years of other ‘big name’ and ‘trusted’ ERP platforms. Cetec ERP is absolutely head and shoulders easier and better and less expensive. They are in another category of manufacturing ERP software entirely.” - Michael Barnes, General Manager at PAA.

Why did Cetec ERP make sense for an OEM Industrial Equipment company?

OEM manufacturing companies typically contain a specific and robust set of needs for a system. PAA, like many Industrial Equipment manufacturers, were delighted to find Cetec ERP supported all of the following modules, in one integrated system, at only $40/user/month:

  • Sales - the PAA sales team now uses powerful CRM, built into the ERP system, and fully included in the platform. Specifically, the PAA sales management team relies on end-to-end commissions tracking for reps and distributors selling the PAA products to end users.

  • Engineering - PAA relies upon Cetec ERPs robust product management and BOM/revision capabilities. PLM and engineering management is seamlessly ingrained in the platform, streamlining extraordinarily complex multi-level BOM structures, phantom assemblies, controlled document revision approvals, import/export BOM capabilities, BOM use reporting, integrated document management, and controlled ECO and NCR process workflows across the system. Engineering and product management in Cetec ERP is world class.

  • MRP & Material Planning- complex build structures can make material planning a nightmarishly burdensome task. PAA production planners utilize Cetec ERPs “Build With Subs” feature to slice through subassembly forecast levels to determine exactly what is short scross a project build structure and exactly what needs to be done to expedite for demanding customer requirements. Raw components are handled in batch through standardized MRP capabilities.

  • Multi-level BOM Production - subassembly order job tickets (paperless or paper-based) are streamlined and processed in batch automatically, delivering extraordinary efficiency to PAAs production management.

  • Mobile Warehouse & Shop Floor - warehousing and production has gone paperless for PAA, with barcoded and serialized receipt, subassembly, and finished goods tracking, and work order scanning to track and update production status, yielding high value production data on MES war boards.

  • RMAs, Warranties, and Serial Numbers- PAA is constantly utilizing Cetec ERPs flexible RMA module for returns, warranty tracking, repairs and credits. PAA tracks customer complaints and cases, customer service; they issue service/warranty orders through the sales order module, along with replacement parts shipments, all through the single low cost ERP platform.

  • Traceability - with end use in medical and other regulated verticals, achieving 100% product traceability has been paramount for PAA.

  • Accounting & Financials - PAA has achieved 100% actual costing of true build costs with detailed profitability analyses, along with streamlined project billing tracking to track estimated and actual revenue progression across months-long projects. PAA has implemented Cetec ERP for all financial reporting, general ledger, A/P, A/R, and bank/account reconciliation processes.

  • Task Queues - PAA can see and manage exactly what their employees are (or should be) working on based on what has been assigned to them via workflow. PAA employees can login and easily view what they should be working on with Cetec ERP integrated workflow management across quotes, orders, RFQs, documents, ECOs, NCRs, and more.

“We are constantly recommending Cetec to other growing manufacturing companies. We are extremely satisfied with the service so far, and have nothing but good things to say about both the Cetec ERP product and the team supporting it. Even when we do have a unique requirement, their response to it has been nothing short of encouraging, every time.” - Michael Barnes.


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