Metal casting operations are classically process manufacturing geared, with carefully crafted recipes of molten metal undergoing time tested processes to produce custom designed parts. Castings operations require the ability for software to model both custom, job oriented manufacturing, in addition to the complexities of process manufacturing in the cloud.

Success Story: Bimac Castings

Bimac Castings has supplied precision investment casting and ceramic casting services since the 1950s in its 35,000 sq. ft. facility. Products cast in the Bimac facility are used in medical, energy, and automotive sectors.

In 2015, Bimac came under the new ownership of Roberto Santos, who introduced a vision for aggressive domestic growth, international exports, and a modernized manufacturing model. One of the first milestones in Santos modernization efforts was to implement a fully web-based manufacturing and accounting ERP system, and replace the system that was put in in the early 1990s.

“I chose Cetec ERP to help us modernize the company and break out of our old patterns. Cetec ERP does everything we need.” -Roberto Santos, Owner at Bimac Castings

Why did Cetec ERP make sense for a company in Metal Castings & Process MFG?

Casting production involves the processing of expensive metal and a linear, work cell based manufacturing model. The ability to track detailed engineering requirements and material recipes for each unique metal product is crucial. Additionally, tracking material consumption and finished product yield, including scrap, saleable product, and remelt product was critical for Bimac.

With Cetec ERP, Bimac found an all-in-one web enabled platform for every department in their business, from finance to operations to quality to sales to inventory management.

Bimac Project Success and Cloud ERP Benefits

Bimac’s legacy business system tracked financials, but did not track any production aspects. Before Cetec ERP, Bimac had attempted to glue together online app-based production tracking monitors. With Cetec ERP, Bimac was able to seamlessly launch digital production inputs through the Cetec ERP production web application.

Bimac now enjoys the ability to easily see what orders have progressed through key milestone phases; Santos relies on the ability to quickly see upcoming revenue impact based on the day’s production activity.


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